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Times are given by UTC. Please check the time in your region.
The numbers given in the calendar indicate the number of seats remaining for teaching games with a number of players. “P” indicates a time slot in which you can play an individual (one-on-one) teaching game.
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Motoki Noguchi (Pandanet ID: MotokiN)

Motoki's schedule is here.


Cornel Burzo (Pandanet ID: Cornel)

Cornel's schedule is here.

Their profiles are at the bottom of this page

Services available

① Simultaneous teaching games (fee: €20 per game)
A maximum of three players play teaching games at the same time. Because there are multiple games, there are no reviews after the game.

② Individual teaching games (fee: €30 per game)
You can play a one-on-one teaching game. After the game, there is a review, and you can ask the teacher questions.

③ Your ID will be displayed on the calendar after we confirm the payment.

To :

PayPal(ペイパル)|Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB

How to reserve a teaching game.

    • Select an instructor and date/time.
    • Make a payment via PayPal no later than three days before a lesson.
    • The payment should be made to
    • Leave your ID and lesson date/time on a memo.

    • Log-on to GoPanda2 10 minutes before the lesson.
    • Wait in the Teaching Room.
    • Your instructor will request a game at the appointed time.


  • You cannot have a lesson without your ID written on the memo when you transmit the money by PayPal.
     Please specify your ID (including big/small letters).
  • Please note on the memo whether you wish to play a simultaneous or one-on-one game.
  • If the payment is excessive or insufficient, the lesson will not be held, and the payment will be returned.
  • If you cannot have a lesson due to a problem with your instructor’s connection, we will return the fee via PayPal.
    No refund will be made if you caused a problem and couldn't conduct the lesson.
  • Your information on the Paypal memo will be deleted after the lesson.

Our Policy for cancellations and refunds is as follows:

Return and Cancellation Policy
We do not cancel registrations once entered. However, in exceptional circumstances wherein the fault may lie with the payment gateway or on our side, we will cancel your participation on request and refund the money to you within a reasonable period.

Please check here how to play a teaching game.

Profiles of teachers

Motoki Noguchi 6-dan

Motoki Noguchi

Pandanet ID: MotokiN
*To display his rank as "1p" is to make him available for handicap setting on our system.

Motoki Noguchi 6-dan Grenoble go club, France
French open champion in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015
French club champion in 2008 (Tours), 2011-2013 (Strasbourg), 2015-2017 (Grenoble)
Author of go books in French : “le langage des pierres” (Praxeo, 2005), “Tsumego, l’art du combat au jeu de go” (Praxeo, 2009), co-author of “Yose, fins de partie au jeu de go” (with Dai Junfu, Praxeo, 2014)
Translator of “Itinéraire d’un maître de go, Chefs d’œuvre de Cho Chikun”(Editions Balat, 6 volumes, 2016-2017)

Advice for improvement:
Work hard on what you like in go (tsumego, professional games, playing games…)!


Cornel Burzo

Pandanet ID: Cornel

I’m Cornel Burzo from Baia Mare in northern Romania.

I got in touch with the game of Go for the first time when I was 10 years old, initially I found it just boring but several years later after a decent introduction by my physics teacher who was a 2 kyu player, I understood the nature of the game and became quickly addicted.
I’ve studied Sports in College but my devotion to Go never allowed me to start working in education as I had originally planned.

Over the years, I took part in over 300 national and international tournaments in Europe, in the USA, China, Korea, Thailand and Japan.

I won the National Championship in Romania 6 times, placed 3rd and 4th in the European Championship in 2003, 2010 respectively and 5th place in the World Championship in 2008 , 6th place in WAGC Thailand 2015 and 7th place in WAGC China 2017.

During the winter I work a few weeks as a ski instructor but my main professional activity is now teaching Go, mainly over the internet and I have students from all over the world.

I offer offline game reviews but most students prefer either online games with commentary afterwards or online reviews of games already played, the lessons are often recorded so the student always gets a video documentation after the session.

On my YouTube channel you will find samples of commented games:

" Life is full of dreams, so is the Go board "

Installation of specialized software (free)

To play games, you need to install specialized software (free).
Persons who have not yet installed it can do so below.

Playing and game-viewing software “ GoPanda2
Windows version/Mac version/linux version

Game conditions

The player being taught has 50 minutes, with no byo-yomi.