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World Pair Go Association

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Questionnaire for PGPPs

Please fill in the items below.

1. Name:

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2. Gender: Male  female
3. Home address :
Street Address

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  • City

  • State / Province

  • Postal

  • Zip Code Country
4. Tel. no.:

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  • Phone Number
5. Email address:

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6. Date of birth:

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7. Present occupation:
8. Number of IAPGC played in:
※If you have played more than once, please indicate the most recent one.
9. Your impressions of the IAPGC you played in:
10.Do you have any comments on Pair Go? If so, please tell us any interesting stories or episodes connected with Pair Go that you know of.
11. Please let us know if you have your own website and SNS accounts such as facebook and twitter. facebook
Please upload your recent photographs (please send two photos: one face, one any photo you like). *Within 5MB
*If you can't send the photo even after pushing the "submit" button, please change the file name of the photo and push the "submit" button again. An alphabetic file name is desirable.
If you still can't send the photo, please send the photo by email to: (Please change the #-mark to @.)

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