The world's first 13x13 Amateur World Go Championship

Entry form

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Class Main Class (You can participate in the Main Class regardless of your Go strength.)
A Class (2k – 2d)/ B Class (3k –)

*Players who wish to participate in A or B Class and who have not had their rank confirmed by Pandanet need to play at least 20 games on a 19x19 board to confirm their rating by May 22.
If a question mark appears next to the rank, it means the rank has not been officially confirmed by Pandanet.
*Players who have not had their rank confirmed by the due date will au tomatically be entered in the preliminary for the Main Class.
*All games in the Main Class will be played on even, so a ranking is not necessary.
*If you are 3d or above, your class will automatically be Main Class.
*Classes will be decided based on players' ranks as of 6 a.m., May 22.

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